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Child Protection - Safeguarding Children

Teignbridge District Council is committed to providing a healthy, safe environment for all children who use Council owned facilities, participate in Council organised events and activities or meet its Members, staff and volunteers during their work for the Council. Through events and activities it is committed to contributing to the enjoyment and achievement of children and young people and to enabling them to make a positive contribution. In this way it is also committed to contributing to their ultimate economic wellbeing.

Teignbridge District Council's Child Protection Policy 

  • to acknowledge that all children and young people have equal rights to protection from harm
  • to appreciate that all children and young people should be encouraged to fulfil their potential and that inequalities should be challenged
  • to recognise that children and young people have a right to enjoy activities and facilities, free from all forms of abuse and exploitation
  • to promote high standards of welfare, health and development of children and young people during any activity
  • to raise the level of awareness of Members, staff and volunteers of the danger from which children and young people are entitled to be protected
  • to raise the levels of awareness amongst Members, staff and volunteers about child abuse and the different forms it can take
  • to ensure that Members, staff and volunteers who come into contact with children and young people during their work have guidance and training appropriate to their job role
  • to ensure that staff who regularly work with children and young people are trained
  • to recognise signs that could indicate abuse
  • to develop procedures and guidelines which ensure an effective response to and recording of complaints, allegations or suspected incidents of abuse

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