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10. Seaside Byelaws

Byelaws for Seaside Pleasure Boats at Teignmouth, Shaldon and Dawlish are in place to protect bathers. Leisure craft (with the exceptions of local fishing vessels, rescue vessels and Customs and Excise) are not permitted between the large yellow marker buoys and the shore as from the Friday before Whit Monday and the 30 September.

Water access lanes

Access to the beach is made via 'V' shaped channels which are defined by smaller yellow marker buoys. In Teignmouth, the watercraft access lane is located directly in front of the refreshment kiosk at the eastern end of Teignmouth (Eastcliff).

Access to the shore in Dawlish is immediately to the east of the old lifeboat house, which is located at the eastern end of the town.

At the Ness Cove, the access lane is located at the western end of the beach.

Access to and from the shore via the access lanes is to be carried out in a safe manner paying due care and attention to all other craft and water users.

Personal watercraft registration scheme.

Personal watercraft (jet-ski's) are prohibited in the estuary but may proceed from the public slipways of Gales Hill and Polly Steps directly to the sea between sunrise and sunset, subject to first obtaining a permit from either the Harbour Office or the Teign Dive Centre, Quay Road, Teignmouth.

For information about the personal watercraft registration scheme please contact the Teignmouth Harbour Commission on 01626 773165.