Organising an event

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2. How do I hire land from the council?

Booking an event can involve a wide range of elements – all of which have to be considered before the event is confirmed by the Parks and Open Spaces team.

For events on Teignbridge District Council Land:

Charities and other organisations must have a minimum of five stalls attending the event including your own stall (bouncy castles and donkey rides do not form part of the five) in order for your event to be approved. You may wish to consider attending one of our organised charity days instead.

Managing risk applies to events of any size. All requirements can be found in the Guide to Organising Safe Events.

As a result of your application you may be invited to attend a Teignbridge Safety Advisory Group meeting. For more information please refer to: The Purple Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events.

The event application has two parts:

Part 1

This must be submitted six months in advance of the proposed event to check if the venue is available, and the event is suitable for our land.

Part 2

If you receive confirmation that the site is available and the event you are planning is feasible, you can proceed with a full application (Part 2).  This must be submitted with a non-refundable fee at least three months before the date of the event and will require a lot of preparatory work.

Please note charges apply. 

For events on non-Teignbridge District Council land, please complete the Event Notification Form.