Organising an event

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2. How do I hire land from the council?

This page aims to give organisers the information they need for a successful, safe, and legal event. Please take the time to read the Guide to Organising Safe Events. We also recommend The Purple Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events, by the Events Industry Forum found in offsite links

To ensure that we can monitor the impact of events in the District, we expect all organisers to inform us about their events by completing relevant application forms. Formal application for hire of land is now the standard procedure for notifying the Council, the Emergency Services, the County Council and any other appropriate agencies. For larger or more complex events, you may be invited to attend the Teignbridge Safety Advisory Group (TSAG). This is an advisory body consisting of the aforementioned agencies who meet regularly to provide free advice to organiser


All event organisers should...

Forms required

For events on Teignbridge District Council owned land, please complete...


The cost of this application is £37.50

For events on non-Teignbridge District Council land, please complete...

Event Notification Form

Next steps

  • return completed forms with any supporting documents and payments required
  • attend TSAG if requested
  • await council confirmation of event