Boat storage at Polly Steps

Dinghy racking

We currently do not have any spaces available. Please contact us to be placed on the waiting list for a dinghy rack. When a space becomes available you will be contacted and it will be advertised on our website.


There is an annual cost of £48.00 (1 April to end of March).

All river and beach moorings are managed through the Harbour Commission.

Boat storage


There is limited space at Polly Steps Car Park in Teignmouth and we do not allow summer boat storage unless it is an exceptional circumstance. Please contact 01626 215861 if you need summer storage.


A facility is offered by Shaldon Marine to lift yachts out of the water and store at Polly Steps Car Park, Teignmouth, TQ14 8ES.

£180.00 per lift/£15.00 per ft for winter storage.

There is limited availability, please call 07521 047986 for more information and bookings.


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Last updated 14 August 2018