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Talking Teignbridge Residents' Panel

We know that you have some really good ideas and insight about what we should be doing and hope you will help us by getting more involved.

From surveys to group discussions, 'Talking Teignbridge' will give you a direct line to the Council and more opportunity to influence the things we do.

If you're eager to help us make Teignbridge a better place to live, visit and work then we'd love to hear from you.

How to Join

So we can make sure that the panel represents the views of all the different people that exist around the district can you please fill in an application form to join. Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email and we'll start to send you surveys.

Taking part is completely voluntary and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Residents' Panel Enrolment Form

Who is on the Panel

Our 'Talking Teignbridge' Residents' Panel is made up of local volunteers who have agreed to regular consultation by the Council. The Panel's views are taken into account when the Council makes decisions about the things it does.

Panel members include younger and older people, men and women, and people with disabilities - in fact membership is monitored to make sure that it represents the whole area, creating a 'mini-Teignbridge' that reflects the views of all the different people that exist around the district.

Further Information

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