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Working at an election

We are always looking to recruit staff to assist at election time.

The Returning Officer is not allowed to employ any person who has been, or may be employed by or on behalf of a candidate at a particular election.

In the run-up to an election we will write to all registered staff and ask them to indicate their availability. Once we have received this, we would then allocate jobs based from the availability request.

For each election, the Returning Officer appoints polling and counting staff, and some staff for other duties e.g. for the issue and opening of postal votes.

Polling Station Staff

These staff are employed to carry out duties at polling stations. They are responsible for the conduct of the ballot in each polling station, making sure that the proper procedure for voting is followed. Each polling station has a Presiding Officer and 1-3 poll clerks, depending on the station. On polling day, staff are required to work from 6.30am until after 10pm without leaving the polling station. Presiding Officers are then required to deliver their ballot box(es) to count centre for the verification and count.

Verification and Counting staff 

The verification and counting staff are employed to verify and count the votes at the time and place appointed by the Returning Officer. The verification takes place after the close of poll. The count can take place straight after the verification through to the early hours of the morning or during another day following the election, depending on the election. These roles requires high levels of concentration and accuracy.

Postal vote staff 

Staff are employed to issue and open postal votes. This usually takes place during in the fortnight before polling day.

Register your interest in working an election

If you would like us to add your details to our database for employment during future elections, please register your interest. 

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